Name Description Last modified    
afuse-helpers Scripts that help working with afuse (shell) 2013-07-24
ardj Internet radio automation software (Python) 2014-09-22
broadcaster-lite PyGTK based app that controls 2013-07-24
bugwarrior TaskWarrior synchronizer (patched) 2013-11-26
fossil-extras Utilities that help work with Fossil SCM 2014-02-13
free-music-hub An open directory of links to free music 2013-10-31
gae-feedback GAE based feedback form for static websites 2013-07-24
gae-wiki GAE based wiki (Python) 2013-07-24
gpgmailer GnuPG encrypted email feedback with a simple app (Python) 2013-07-24
gynalyzer Report generator for Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika (Python) 2013-10-06
housecalc Рассчёт сметы простого каркасного дома 2013-10-28
ices0 Ices0 with support for ReplayGain (C) 2014-06-19
librascal C++ asynchronous socket library 2013-07-24
luakit-plugins Extensions for Luakit, a web browser (Lua) 2014-06-02
molinos-cms CMS built for (PHP) 2013-07-25
opera-tmradio An opera extension that controls 2013-07-24
opera-user-css Custom stylesheets to make some websites behave better 2013-05-12
opera-user-js Custom scripts to make some websites behave better 2013-05-12
paper Democratic web log (Python) 2013-07-24
php-framework Experimental hand-made web framework (PHP) 2014-10-21
podcast-merger Merge multiple podcast RSS feeds into one 2013-07-24
podcasting-intro An introduction into podcasting for newbies (Russian) 2013-07-24
pushka Simple PuSH notifications for personal use (Python) 2014-02-15
python-megaplan Megaplan API client 2013-11-11
python-smsru Python client for the API 2014-02-16
python-teamlab TeamLab API client (Python) 2013-12-05
python-tinyorm Minimalistic MySQL ORM that I use in my projects 2013-07-24
python-yandexdirect Python API client for 2014-07-08
python-yandexmoney Pyton client for 2013-07-24
rss-proxy Simple caching RSS proxy (Python) 2013-07-24
rsshandler Утилита для обработки новых записей из RSS лент 2014-05-28
rssi-indicator RSSI and dBm indicator applet 2014-01-06
task-extras TaskWarrior helpers 2014-02-26
task-indicator TaskWarrior indicator applet for Ubuntu (Python) 2014-02-16
tools Custom tools for daily tasks 2014-01-06
tremor Email pending tasks across many trackers (Python) 2013-07-24
webhooks-handler Simple based webhook handler (Python) 2013-10-12
website-chariot Исходный код сайта 2013-10-31
website-deadchannel Исходный код сайта 2013-11-06
website-land Исходный код сайта 2014-10-24
website-nebo-shop unknown 2014-08-08
website-playbill Исходный код сайта 2013-07-24
website-pulsar Исходный код сайта 2013-10-31
website-template-static Template for static websites 2013-07-24
website-template-webpy based website template 2013-07-24
website-tmradio Исходный код сайта 2013-09-29
website-umonkey Исходный код сайта 2014-10-24