Python bindings for the megaplan.ru API

This module provides a class that implements Megaplan authentication and request signing and lets you call API methods.

To use a password:

import megaplan
c = megaplan.Client('xyz.megaplan.ru')
c.authenticate(login, password)

To use tokens:

import megaplan
# access_id, secret_key = c.authenticate(login, password)
c = megaplan.Client('xyz.megaplan.ru', access_id, secret_key)

To read the token from ~/.netrc:

import megaplan
c = megaplan.Client('xyz.megaplan.ru')

Example ~/.netrc entry:

machine xyz.megaplan.ru

To list actual tasks:

res = c.request('BumsTaskApiV01/Task/list.api', { 'Status': 'actual' })
for task in res['tasks']:
    print task


Gnu GPL.

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